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The JoyeTech Ego-T is for advanced vapers or anyone who cares more about massive vapour production and battery life than if their e-cigarette looks like a tobacco cigarette. The battery will last almost anyone the whole day but most will get 2 or 3 days out of one battery. The e-liquid is held in a tank located in the mouthpiece for consistent delivery of e-liquid to the atomizer. Each cartridge can be refilled with our non-nicotine e-liquid.

We believe the amount of vapor produced and how closely it mimics tobacco smoke makes our customers very happy and the lack of nicotine does not diminish the experience. It is illegal to sell electronic cigarettes with nicotine in Canada. As Health Canada states, "..,an electronic smoking product delivering nicotine is regulated as a New Drug under Division 8, Part C of the Food and Drug Regulations.".

This is why we sell only high quality, strong vapour producing electronic cigarettes with no nicotine e-liquid.

Each JoyeTech eGo-T kit comes with:

2 full e-cigarettes (2 atomizers and 2 batteries)
1 charger (USB charger and wall adapter)
5 empty cartridges
1 10 ml bottle of tobacco or menthol flavored e-liquid (choose below)
1 manual

A full cartridge contains enough e-liquid to give the user approximately the same amount of puffs as a few tobacco cigarettes. The 10 ml bottle of e-liquid is approximately the same number of puffs as a carton of cigarettes based on puff count

NOTE: For experienced vapers who want maximum vapor, we recommending trying the EVOD BCC Clearomizer with your eGo-T!

Although the eGo-T is larger and heavier than the Aurora PV One, it has tremendous battery life and produces consistent vapour due to it's e-liquid tank system.

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